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Pacific Tuna boilies: dense boilies with a long life and "refillable"!
Prepared for Optimal Underwater Performance and Maximum Attractant Leakage in Water at Any Temperature, the Pacific Tuna range is a boilie recipe known to dry quickly even with simple contact with air.

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This process will allow its powerful natural nourishing stimulators to diffuse as water begins to penetrate its outer layers.
Not only will this increase the speed and intensity of its attraction potential, but it will also allow you to lightly and repeatedly dip the baits with a liquid of your choice, which will literally be sucked into the surface layers of the water. bait and then released once introduced into the water.
Liquids of varying density and even oils can be used to precisely target the release of water-borne food signals in certain layers of the water where the fish may be cruising.
The technique of "liquid loading" has been used extensively by fishermen seeking higher levels of instant attraction for many years.
Indeed, the low oil content and the incomparable solubility of Pacific tuna make it the ideal bait to maximize the effect of this fishing technique.


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