Citruz Bottom Bait Kevin nash

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A bait that causes a hit where all else fails - That's the Citruz. The demand for the very attactive Citruz Pop-up was massive, and forced us to bring to the market a special edition of dense Citruz beads! Dense boilies with zing!

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Based on a very digestible Mix of cereals and milk proteins, these baits have a pedigree perfectly suited to cold waters. The
levels of perfumes, fruit esters, essential oils and Talin-type attractants have been adjusted so that the boilie can be used in
bait as well as bait. Like pop-ups, these baits come in handy when fishing pressure makes it hard to hit all over.
other baits.
Available in 15 and 20mm in one kilo packs, each pack contains a mix of pink and faded pink boilies, offering
multiple presentation possibilities in the same container. Why the color pink? It is very simple, it is the pink Citruz which caused
The most catches during our tests in UK and Europe, the Catch Reports being particularly clear on this point!
The Citruz Special Edition Dense allows the carp angler to employ the highly attractive power of the Citruz for multiple uses,
Soluble Bag Crushed Boilies, Stringers, Snowmen!