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Box of 4 detectors Fox micron mxr + with control unit (4 colors) Fox

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The much appreciated Mxr + box is developed on the basis of the famous MX + detector but has considerable new advantages as well as integrated transmission and reception technology.

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The Mxr + detector incorporates the innovations of the MX + such as the all-weather sealed case which contains a network of high-end electronic circuits. It also consists of our D-Tec Sensing System, the CNC Machined 'Tru Run' caster, the volume control and the lighting accessory power socket. But it has other features like tone control, two sensitivity adjustment ranges to meet all fishing situations. The Mxr + detector also has a conical speaker for high quality sound. As with the Mr + power station, we have managed to obtain long emission distances of over 200m, but we reiterate our warning not to keep yourself so far from your rods. The transmission power is only indicative in order to inform you that the Signal will not be altered despite bad weather conditions or irregular topography. Previously only available with 5mm blue diode, this year we are offering three additional diode colors, Red, Orange and green, and therefore also two new boxes, three three-color rods and four four-color rods with the fourth box in blue. Features segnalatori

• I-Com transmission technology
• 5mm diode available in blue, red, green and Orange
• 2 sensitivity ranges
• Conical speaker for high quality sound
• Adjusting the tone
• Volume adjustment
• Accessories power outlet (for the use of illuminated swingers)
• Rubber coated ear cups
• D-Tec Sensing System (DTSS)
• Power supply 2 x AAA batteries
• Low consumption
• Protective front provided
• Available in 2-rod, 3-rod and 4-rod blue boxes
• Available in a box of 3 red, orange and green rods
• Available in a box of 4 red, orange, green and blue rods
• Detector available individually.

Central characteristics:

• I-Com transmission technology
• 4 x 5mm Red Leds
• New case
• Volume adjustment
• Power supply 3 x AAA batteries
• Low consumption
• Supplied with a cord


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