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Box 4 detectors + central Fox rx +
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Box 4 detectors + central Fox rx + min
Box 4 detectors + central Fox rx + min
Box 4 detectors + central Fox rx + min

Box 4 detectors + central Fox rx +

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Characteristics of RX + detectors:
• Sealed waterproof case
• Digital circuits
• D-Tec ™ Plus Sensing System (DTPSS) technology
• Low energy consumption
• CNC machined wheel equipped with the Tru-Run ™ system
• Multicolored twin diodes (Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple and white)
• On / off switch with two operating modes
• In night mode the two diodes will light up discreetly in the color you have programmed
• High quality conical loudspeaker
• Heavy-duty 3/8 '' stainless steel screw thread
• Rubber inserts protect the rods
• Ergonomic and indexed volume control (8 different volume levels with the lowest completely silent)
• Ergonomic and indexed tone control (8 different tones, turn clockwise to go treble)
• Ergonomic and indexed intelligent sensitivity control with elimination of ripple effects (8 different levels of sensitivity - see comparison table below with NTX-R)
• Range test function allows user to check detector / receiver transmission anytime and anywhere
• Low power alarm (the diode turns cyan to prompt you to change the batteries)
• 2.5mm output socket for illuminated swingers
• Supplied with two types of compression seals, a classic O-ring (2 per detector) and an adjustable rigid seal
• Powered by 2 AA batteries

Improved functionality compared to NTX-R detectors
• Deeper ears without increasing the total height of the detector
• Multicolored twin diodes, one per ear and located on the top
• External diode color control with Color Sync ™ system - simply change the diode color using the button on the battery cover
• Manual selection of Day and Night modes
• External control of the lighting power of the diodes by the Vari-Bright system to adapt to the conditions of the moment (choice of three lighting levels in day mode and three in night mode, by means of the button on the cover of the Battery)
• More space and better drainage around the wheel greatly reducing the risk of the wheel freezing even in extreme conditions
• Greater range with the RX + receiver
• Improved sensitivity range

Sensitivity Control
For all sensitivity levels (except Highest), the line must travel the specified Distance in the same direction for at least 2 seconds in order to power the detector on. Any movement in the opposite direction resets the Distance counter to zero. This can drastically reduce, or even eliminate, all false keys triggered by the movements of water or wind.

Characteristics of the RX + control unit:
• Ultra Long RangeTM technology
• Digital circuits
• Low energy consumption
• Indication of the power supply level at the time of start-up (4 green diodes, maximum power supply, 3 green diodes correct power supply, 2 orange diodes insufficient power supply, 1 red diode change of batteries required)
• Low power alarm in use. The LEDs turn cyan and flash, prompting you to replace the batteries)
• Detector low power indication (when a detector goes into low power alarm mode this is relayed by the receiver on the relevant detector channel).
• Vibrator function (thanks to the switch on the back)
• Bivvy lamp function (Via the switch on the back, see below for more details)
• Anti-theft alarm
• Simplified initialization of RX + microns (using the switch on the back)
• Diodes with Color SyncTM color recognition
• On / Off and volume control
• High-end conical speaker
• Bracelet cord attachment point
• Powered by 3 AA batteries

Improved functionality compared to the NTX-R control panel:
• Window of indicator diodes Wider, visible in front of and on the top of the receiver
• Optional bivvy light function linked to the detection of a bite
• Box stands alone on bivvy table or bucket cover
• Soft Grip case
• Possibility of synchronizing up to 8 microns RX +
• More powerful radio performance
• Quiet operation mode, with all functions available but no sound

When the bivvy lamp function is selected using the switch located on the back of the box, the lamp will behave as follows:
• The key indication diodes will operate at a lower brightness to compensate for the illumination emitted by the lamp.
• The lamp is only triggered if three key detection signals are received in rapid succession in order to prevent any false keys from inadvertently igniting it.
• The lamp gradually increases in intensity to its maximum and remains on as long as the button is held. Then it gradually declines in the 5 seconds following the extinction of the alarm diodes on the receiver, unless other key indications are received.

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