Pop-ups Essential Cell 15mm Mainline

Pop-ups Essential Cell 15mm Mainline

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Developed to complement the brand's range of fresh boilies, these 15mm Pop-ups provide long-lasting buoyancy for full confidence in presenting your rigs.
With fishing conditions that change throughout the year, from body of water to body of water, for many anglers, it is essential to be able to count on a wide variety of Pop-ups. Often, these Pop-ups must allow to keep the position on a Long duration for rather heavy rigs like the Hinged Stiff Rig or the Chod Rig. Confidence is important and that is exactly confidence that you buy with any of these Floating Pots.
They use exactly the same liquid attractants as our Large range of fresh boilies, and resume their Point for Point smell and color. This means that the fish will not be frightened by their presence when visiting a baited area.
Consultants' tip: Dip your Pop-up in a corresponding Hookbait Enhancement System liquid before launching to increase the attraction around your rig.

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