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Century Blackmax ii 12ft 3.50lbs 50 Ring Carp Rod

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This Black Max has an action that is positioned between the NG and the FG. They have been tested and approved over long periods of time.

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This Black Max has an action that positions itself between the NG and the FG which have been tested and approved over long periods. It is not made for throws over 190 meters like ADV, C2-D or FMA but it can easily throw over 160 meters in good hands. The Black MAX II range consists of 3 powers, each with unique characteristics. The 12ft 2 ¾ has a smoother action which would be more suitable for canal and pond fishing for distances not exceeding 130 meters with a sinker between 75 and 100gr. If you need more power to clamp very large fish while minimizing the risk of a stall, then the 12ft 3.00lb is a great alternative for optimal fishing between 80-140 yards. Partnering with the 3.00lb and a bait boat for very long distances is a great combination while enjoying some lovely playing action. Finally, we have the 12ft 3.50lb which is ideal for long distance scenarios; she is able to throw beyond 160 meters!

Although she loses the playing characteristics of the 2 ¾ lb and the 3.00 lb, she still remains pleasant with her great pitcher pedigree and will have more power in the heel. It is perfect for extracting fish from seagrass beds, casting with weights between 100 and 140gr or a small Pva bag. If you are not already the owner of a Century brand rod, the Black MAX II will be your ideal partner, a flawless weapon with a breathtaking quality / price ratio! Flawless rm with a breathtaking quality / price ratio !

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Data sheet

Supplier reference
Prism Silver black
Length (cm)
Prism Tennessee Shad
Ring type
Holographic Smelt
Number of rings
Holographic Tennessee Shad
Number of elements
Craw fish
Power (lbs)
Holographic Ghost Shad
Starting ring
Holographic Hot Tiger
Gizzard Shad