Kurve indicator System set of 3 Jrc

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This is one of the most versatile detectors available today. This model has a hinged head and a unique Line Clip that can either lock the line or leave it free.

These two key features mean that the Kurve can be set up to be ultra-precise, so that it can detect even the smallest of bites, or it can be set up to minimize any false hits caused by the wind. Thanks to its flat surface, the detector can be positioned flat or on the ground, especially when fishing with the banner slightly relaxed, thus increasing its sensitivity, while reducing the number of false hits generated by the wind that gets caught in the banner, especially if it is too taut.

Five colored lenses are included, allowing you to position it upwards, as well as a chain and a pendulum, so you can position it at your convenience. Don't hesitate - try the Kurve!

  • Designed and developed in England
  • Ingenious swivel indicator system
  • Clip to lock the line or leave the line free
  • Black chain
  • Rigid pendulum with a metal system at the end of each side
  • 5 lenses with Clip, each with an attractive color
  • BETA Light slot under the colored lens
  • 2 extra weight additions

- New black anodized coating on arm and ballast
- Illuminates when connected to a detector
- Head diode exactly reproduces micron diode signals including feedback buttons
- Profiled detector attachment interfaces
- Rubber shock absorber on head base
- Oversized front panel for better visibility
- Spring loaded tension adjustment system
- Fixed "gantry" system for line
- Sliding 80g ballast
- Light reactive acrylic head
- Slot for Betalight
- Available in red, Orange, green, blue or black
- 3 rod set available (red, orange and green)
- 4 rod set available (red, orange, green and blue)
- Empty set available separately

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