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All the credit for this novelty in the range goes to Mr. Steve Reynard. Steve has for some time literally hit the mark in his favorite waterways with fluorocarbon leaders. When he started fishing for Korda, we naturally sent him our IQ. “It's a bit stiff for what I'm looking for. He replied.

The IQ has to be rigid, and that's why we think it takes more fish than a regular monofilament, but we're always open to new ideas and ways of thinking. So when Steve started to argue, we listened to him. Steve said, “Firstly, I use fluorocarbon for its invisible nature. I am so concerned with the ability of the fish to detect my rig that I have adopted IQ 25lb Fluorocarbon as the Anti-Tangle Leader. I use about 1.20m with a Square Pear lead or Tournament Swivel on a Lead Clip. A fluorocarbon leader also helps to avoid tangles when throwing. Underwater the setup is much harder to see than normal, which I think gives me an advantage. Now I also use the fluorocarbon as a main line to try and hide my presence even more. Right now I think I'm at the top and the results have been superb, with 11 fish over 30lb and many more smaller in just 4 weekends of fishing.
I prefer a slightly softer material because of the way it will rest on the bottom after the cast. Unlike most anglers, I like to have a bit of slack in the leader and that it should tighten slightly when the bait is sucked in. If the leader is already straight, chances are it cannot reach the fish's mouth. I fish on boilie mats and have observed how the fish feed on scattered boilies. Large fish tend to approach one bait, head down, and straighten up to move on to the next. A longer leader of around 30cm gives the bait more freedom of movement, which I think is necessary for the bait to reach the mouth properly. This method has worked for me for some time and is probably my favorite montage. I call it the 'simple and complicated' assembly because of the way I position the hook. "
Steve regularly uses stringers (strings of boilies) because he thinks this helps the leader to tackle with a more pronounced curvature than a boilie alone. Thanks to its weight, which makes the leader sink faster, the stringer does not stray as far from the lead as a single bait. This of course creates a bait pool that will attract fish faster and stay in place until consumed, unlike Pva bags made from pellets or meal which will be dispersed by prospecting carp. If you are not convinced, you can refer to the Underwater films.
A boilie stringer, or alternatively a Pva bag filled with boilies will allow the leader to position itself with More spring, but if you are not using any, then only the Softer fluorocarbons like the IQ Xtra Soft will allow 'get that "slack" in the leader, and that's why Steve prefers them. This means that the leader will be in the correct position, with or without a stringer.
Danny adds, “The other benefit is that the Softer materials allow the baits to appear in a more natural way, if that's what you're after. This really shows when using the Lighter versions, like the 10lb or 12lb. Paired with a small hook like the Wide Gape or Longshank in size 10, with a small bait like a kernel of corn or a piece of boilie and you will have a bait that behaves like the other parts of your bait. They are also perfect materials for Zig Rigs because they are thin, very difficult to locate, and flexible enough to work well with small hooks. Stiff materials and small hooks do not go well together and will cause you to drop out. "

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