Rubbers Weed krw Korda

Rubbers Weed krw Korda

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The Run Rig Rubbers from the Safezone range have been developed to create sliding rigs based on the use of Kamo Leaders, Leadcores or Anti-Tangle Tubes. As you might think, these products have nothing to do with the similar products usually found in the market. It was while fishing at a great distance in a place imposing the sliding assembly of Danny had this new idea. A Bracket has been formed on the connector at a 30 degree angle so that the swivel sinkers can fit at a better angle than with any other competitive product. Not only will the chances of entanglement be reduced, but the positioning of the sinker will give you the few extra yards that can make a difference when you need to fish at long distances. The rubber used is intended to keep the Swivel and Anti-Tangle Tube securely in place. As with the rest of the Safezone range, we have produced these connectors in all four key colors. By tuning your editing to the background color encountered, you will improve the number of your takes.

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